5,000 Pre-Built, Automated Cash Flow Assets as NFTs.

Husl is building the bridge between traditional business world and Web3 with the first ever proof of ownership model for web2 businesses.

Husl is building the future of business ownership on the blockchain.

Be on the forefront of the future, build recurring income, and join the community of thousands of entrepreneurs, NFT enthusiast and people building their wealth and knowledge.

Genesis Collection
Husl Founder Cards
Release 1,000 Husl Founder Cards

Each Husl Founder Card represents a pre-paid deposit on one of the the 5,000 automated businesses being built and unlocks multiple other perks.

4 Key Benefits of Husl Founder Cards

· Unlock monthly recurring staking rewards
· $500 discount off minting one of the 5k businesses.
· Whitelisted for all future mints.
· First access to begin growing your business.
· Exclusive merch and in person events!

WL Mint Starts Sep 29th @7pm CDT
Public Mint opens Sep 30th @7pm CDT
Proof of Concept
5,000 Pre-Built Businesses
5,000 Automated, Pre-Built Businesses

As proof of concept for wrapping business ownership and assets as an NFT, Husl will build and sell 5,000 completely automated pre-developed businesses.

What's included in each business?

· One of 10-15 unique SAAS products
· Specific niche and target market region
· Ready to go marketing and paid ad content
· Unique brand and website

All from a state of the art business management dashboard where you can run your new company.

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Instant Due Diligence
The Native Marketplace
Listing your NFT from Native Marketplace

The native marketplace allows you to list your NFT with all the revenue data and due diligence instantly verifiable for the first time in history.

No more waiting months as teams of lawyers review and verify revenue, KPIs, and legal docs.

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Outside Business
Public Wrap Protocol
Allowing outside businesses in

PWP (public wrap protocol) allows outside companies to wrap their business ownership and assets and mint an NFT to represent that business.

Join Our Mission
We're on a mission to free thousands of people from their 9-5 into a life of freedom and impact.
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The Husl Team


Walt Rines

Growth Director, Apollo Eleven inc.

Pyro 🔥

Community Manager


Nicholas Uzoni

COO, Apollo Eleven Inc.

DeFi Mark

DeFi Developers

Executive Team

Jonathan Bodnar

CEO, Husl

Joel Scrivner

Executive Coach